Reviewing the Basics

Agreement Frame through Briefest Therapy
Calibration through Drugs
Ecology through Lost Performative
Map of Reality through Nominalization
Observer through Puncuational Ambiguity
Rapport through Swish
Switch Referential Index through Well-Formed Outcome

Switch Referential Index
When you can't stand your own point of view anymore and become someone else

A state of mind used typically by those who have trouble with anesthesia and brought on by watching a Perry Como Christmas special without sound while a Butthole Surfers CD blares in the background; Warning: The ACLU is investigating this practice with regard to cruel and unusual behavior

Tag Questions
You're it, aren't you.

Tape Editing
Editing out sections of your home movies to prove to people that you weren't such a bad guy after all

Temporarily ridding the client of that annoying personality

Making up a story to go with the picture when the audio goes out on the TV or in the case of radio, imagining what the DJ really looks like

Unconscious Movement
Usually experienced passing the Hagen Daz section in the grocery store

Universal Qualifier
Of all the language patterns this has always been my favorite. Every time. Would I lie to you? Never.

Unspecified Noun
They usually don't have a problem with this

Well-Formed Outcome
A goal you actually have a chance of attaining such as: I'd like to stop and pick up some bread at the grocery store. Assuming the car runs, you having sufficient money, the store being open and having bread in stock and avoiding such things as personal injury, an old lover coming to town, your spouse finding out and/or your unexpected demise this should be easily accomplished.

Terry Lemmons practices NLP because he still hasn't quite got the hang of it.

All pleasant correspondence should be sent directly to:

Box 2533
Longmont CO, 80502

All unpleasant correspondence should first be marked "Do not fold, spindle or mutilate" and have "FRAGILE" stamped in several places. Where you sent it after that is moot because it won't arrive in legible form anyway.

Anybody wanting something from me should avoid the middle-man and send directly to:

Santa Claus
c/o North Pole
Arctic Circle 000001

If you're too lazy to write yet feel capable of hefting a phone receiver you could always call (303) 702-9463

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