Reviewing the Basics

Agreement Frame through Briefest Therapy
Calibration through Drugs
Ecology through Lost Performative
Map of Reality through Nominalization
Observer through Puncuational Ambiguity
Rapport through Swish
Switch Referential Index through Well-Formed Outcome

Map of Reality
An oxymoron

Pretending someone is someone else, often used with overly-familiar sex partners

The act of striking a match

Not quite the actual model

Not quite the specific outcome

Not quite a real person

Not quite what you're actually talking about

Not quite all there

Mind Reading
I know, I know. Only halfway through. Too much to digest at once and you're going numb. Hey take a break. Pop a couple of codine for your head and meet me back here in a couple of hours.

Mirroring Vanity to Excess

Modal Operators
The kid or adult male that should be at the controller of a Radio Shack toy

The art of making modals

Modaling for the less skilled

Motivation Strategy
Looking for something that's really exciting about getting the laundry done

Multiple Personalities
Several people, one location

Negative Command
Go ahead, leave! Tear my heart out! Don't concern yourself with whether live or die! Go ahead, leave, I don't mind!

New Behavior Generator
Falsifying your past in the hopes that it will become a habit; see Mimicking

Something too big to fit in a wheelbarrow

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