Reviewing the Basics

Agreement Frame through Briefest Therapy
Calibration through Drugs
Ecology through Lost Performative
Map of Reality through Nominalization
Observer through Puncuational Ambiguity
Rapport through Swish
Switch Referential Index through Well-Formed Outcome

The consideration that if you don't recycle this aluminum can and actually throw it away, it may be the one piece of garbage that causes the landfill to spontaneously erupt into flames resulting in the destruction of the Earth

Embedded Command
You might want to PICK UP YOUR SOCKS, DAMMIT! before you go to the library.

Embedded Question
Gosh, it's good to hear, Why me, Oh God why, just go ahead and twist the knife in deeper, Oh God why?, that your ex is coming to visit.

Expectancy, Response
If I put money in this machine, I will get a caffeine-free diet Coke.

Expectancy, Self-Efficacy
If I kick the hell out of this money-stealing machine, I will get my Coke.

Expectancy, Outcome
If I can put up bail, strap explosives to it and blow it to kingdom come, hopefully I'll be able to find a Coke in the debris.

Eye-Accessing Cues
The eyes giving away which part of the brain is to blame

Final exam for the dissociation section of a practitioner training

Firing an Anchor
Ridding yourself of someone who plays kneeseys at inappropriate times

Pacing yourself so you don't get what you want too fast

Generative Intervention
A technique that not only changes you but your parents and children as well. Care should be taken that this doesn't spill over onto cousins and innocent bystanders

Inducing a trance state with chicken behavior as a requisite

Being dropped on your head at an early age

Forgetting to put sleep on your 'to-do list'

Well, uh... sure I'll do that.

Integrate Responses
Forced desegregation; see Busing

Lead System
A system that has yet to have the lead removed

Lost Performative
A mislaid thespian

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