Reviewing the Basics

Agreement Frame through Briefest Therapy
Calibration through Drugs
Ecology through Lost Performative
Map of Reality through Nominalization
Observer through Puncuational Ambiguity
Rapport through Swish
Switch Referential Index through Well-Formed Outcome

ObserverSomeone too lazy to get involved

Organ Language Something best left in Doctor's offices and locker rooms

Expenses; as opposed to income

Nervous habit curable by NLP

See Organ Language above

Parts Party
Orgy; see Crisco, Butter-flavored

Perceptual Filter
A sense censor

Phonological Ambiguity
The inescapable knowledge that you no records will end up skipping even when knew

Polarity Responses
Varies with the orientation of your magnet

Those lower in the food chain; see Prey

Preferred Representational System
I personally prefer democracy

Presuppositions - Adjectives and Adverbs
Fortunately, chocolate-glazed doughnuts are self-explanitory and happily they communicate their meaning very effectively.

Presuppositions - Behavioral
Your fly's open. Ha! Ha! Made you look.

Presuppositions - Existential Or
To be or not to be, that is the presupposition.

Presuppositions - Time Words
After jumping from a plane and before pulling the ripcord, be sure you're following the rules of gravity.

Presuppositions - Ordinals
At first glance men seem obvious, but could it hurt to look a second time?

Presuppositions - Awareness Words
Now you understand how easy it is to notice the facility with which you know what it is you are doing.

Process Words
Chop, blend, puree, liquify, etc.

Your unconscious flexing muscle (or not)

Not agreeing with the popular view of reality; see Individual

Puncuational Ambiguity
I understand that your husband is very impotent that you have your needs fufilled. -or- Step out onto the deck John before I know way he could possibly miss Swenson's watch out!, he exclaimed.

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