Very simply, the meta-model is set of questions designed to find the explicit meaning in a person's communication.

For example:

He hurt me.
Meta-Modeler: Who hurt you?
Bob hurt me.
Meta-Modeler: How did he hurt you?
He wouldn't take out the trash like I asked him to.

Another example:

I can't believe he's like that!
Meta-Modeler: Who?
Mel Gibson.
Meta-Modeler: What's he like?
He's so amazingly gorgeous!
Meta-Modeler: Hey, what about me?! (oops, that not Meta-model)

Many of us would have assumed we knew what was meant by "He hurt me." or "I can't believe he's like that", based on our own experiences. By having the ability to find other people's meaning in their communication, we can be more capable in communicating with them.

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