Reviewing the Basics

By Terry Lemmons

Agreement Frame through Briefest Therapy
Calibration through Drugs
Ecology through Lost Performative
Map of Reality through Nominalization
Observer through Puncuational Ambiguity
Rapport through Swish
Switch Referential Index through Well-Formed Outcome

The following is a list of NLP terms frequently misunderstood or so complexly defined as to not be clear. In an ongoing effort to clean up NLP's act, I have provided easy to understand definitions for your viewing pleasure. I feel that as you look over these entries, you may notice the way in which you understand the methods in which you know what it is that you already knew and now know even better. Try saying that five times without getting dizzy.

Agreement Frame
Yeah, I suppose I'd like world peace too.

Analog Change
The switch to digital watches in the 70's causing Americans to become analog illiterate

Analog marking
Putting numbers on your Rolex so you have a better chance of being on time

Playing kneeseys

Assertiveness Training
Learning to be rude in one weekend when NLP could have done it in less than an hour

Lulling someone into a state of vulnerability through monotony; see redundancy

Behavioral Flexiblity
If you can avoid the strait jacket, you're going to win; see Controlled Lunacy

Break State
Freaking someone out with inappropriate behavior; see Anchoring and Catholic School Girls

Briefest Therapy
CHANGE DAMMIT!; brandishing a weapon has been known to increase success rates

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