1. Get into rapport with the client.

2. Tell the client what you are about to do: “In just a moment I am going to do a process called ‘Collapse Anchors’ (explain), and that will necessitate that I touch you. Is that O.K.?”

3. Decide on which Positive/Resource States are needed, and decide on the Negative State to be collapsed. Make it clear which states specifically are involved.

4. As you elicit the Positive States get into each one before you elicit it in the client.

5. Make sure that the client is in a fully associated, intense, congruent state for each of the states you anchor

6. Anchor all the positive states in the same place, I.E. a knuckle or other easily identifiable place.

7. Anchor the negative state once.

8. Fire anchors at the same time until they peak, and the integration is complete. (Watch the client, they will usually exhibit signs of asymetry until the integration is complete.)

9. Release the negative anchor

10. Hold the positive anchor for 5 seconds and then release

11. Test: “Now how do feel about that old state?”

12. Future Pace: “Can you imagine a time in the future when you might be in a similar situation, and what happens?”