Structural Well-formedness Conditions

• Has a well-defined representation of outcome.
• Uses all three(3) of the Major representational systems.
• At least three points in every loop.
• Every loop includes an exit point.
• Goes external after “N” steps or “X” time.
• Uses least number of steps to get the outcome.
• Logical sequence with no steps missing.
• Has the internal & external sensory modalities to get desired outcome.
• Preserves positive by-products and eliminates negative consequences.
• Follows T.O.T.E. model.
• Minimizes bad feelings.

Functional Well-formedness Conditions

Trigger which starts the process and carries with it the final criteria.
Operations to alter the present state to bring it closer to the desired state.
Test which compares the present state to the desired state based on presorted or ad hoc criteria.
Decision point which determines the next step based on the congruence or lack of congruence of the test comparison.