1. “Just float up above your Time Line, and over the past to position A, facing the past, and directly up above the event so you are looking down on the event. Let me know when you are there.

2. AskyourUnconsciousMindwhatitneedstolearnfromthe event, the learning of which will allow you to let go of the emotions easily and effortlessly. Your Unconscious Mind can preserve the learnings so that if you need them in the future, they’ll be there.”

3. “Now, float to position B so you are above the event and before the event, and you are looking toward now. (Make sure you are well before any of the chain of events that led to that event.) And ask yourself, ‘Now, where are the emotions?’”

4. “Float down inside the event, to position C, looking through your own eyes, and check on the emotions. Are they there? Or have they disappeared! Now!! Good, go back to position B.”

5. “Now, come back to now above your Time Line only as quickly as you can let go of all the ( name the emotion ) on the events all the way back to now, assume position B with each subsequent event, preserve the learnings, and let go of the ( name the emotion ) all the way back to now. (When Client is done) Float down into now, and come back into the room.” (Break State)

6. Test: (Client back at now.) “Can you remember any event in the past where you used to be able to feel that old emotion, and go back and notice if you can feel it, or you may find that you cannot. Good come back to now.”

7. Futurepace:(Client back at now.)“Iwantyoutogooutinto the future to an unspecified time in the future which if it had happened in the past, you would have felt inappropriate or unwarranted ( name the emotion ), and notice if you can find that old emotion, or you may find that you cannot. OK?” Good come back to now.