1. “I’d like to ask your unconscious mind to float up in the air, above your Time Line, into the past and down into the event—right into position C.” (pause)

2. “Notice what emotions are present, and also note if you are aware of the decision that was made there, too.” (If “No,” say, “I’d like you to rewind the movie of your memory until you come to the time of the decision … right now.”)

3. “Float back up above the Time Line and go to position B, well before the beginning of the event, or any of the chain of events that led to that event, and turn and look toward now. Preserve the1positive learnings.”

4. “Now where are the emotions? And the decision, did it disappear, too?

5. “Float down inside the event, to position C, looking through your own eyes, and check on the emotions. Are they there? Or have they disappeared! Now!! Good, & the decision too—it’s disappeared! Good, come back up to position B.”

6. “And come back to now only as quickly as you allow all the events between then and now to re-evaluate themselves in light of your new choices, and let go of all the negative emotions on those events, assume position B, preserve the learnings, let go of the emotions and allow each event to re-evaluate itself all the way back to now.”

7. Test: “Now, how do you feel about that old decision (or belief)?”

8. Future Pace: “I want you to go out into the future to an unspecified time in the future that would be most appropriate, and imagine a time when something like this could happen again, and how do you react, OK? … Good, come back to now.”