Distortions (“How” response)

1. Mind Reading – “You don’t like me.”
2. LostPerformative-“It’sbadtobeinconsistent.”
3. Cause-Effect – “You make me sad.”
4. Complex Equivalence – “She’s always yelling at me, she doesn’t like me.”
5. Presuppositions: “If my husband knew how much I suffered, he wouldn’t do that.”

Generalizations (“What” response)

6. UniversalQualifiers(all,every,never, everyone, no one…): “She never listens to me”

7. Modal Operators
• of necessity (should, shouldn’t must, must not,
need to, it is necessary): “I have to take care of her.”
• of Possibility/Impossibility (can, can’t, will, won’t, may, may not, possible, impossible): “I can’t tell him the truth.”

Deletions (“Who” response)

8. Nominalizations (process words, verbs, that have been turned into nouns)
9. UnspecifiedVerbs-“Herejectedme.”

10. Simple Deletions
• Simple Deletions (“I am uncomfortable.”)
• Lack of Referential Index (“They don’t listen to me.”) • Comparitive Deletions (She’s a better person.”)