Swish patterns are for the purpose of creating momentum toward a compelling future. We install choices for a new way of life rather than to change or remove old habits.

Doing a Swish Pattern

1. Get the picture that represents the habit or situation you would like to change.

2. Get a picture of the type of person you would like to be. (“How would you like to be instead? When you think of that do you have a picture?”)

3. Change the visual intensity of the desired state (brightness, size, distance, etc.) for the most “real” or most positive Kinesthetic.

4. Bring back the old picture (#1), now step into the picture, fully associated.

5. Now insert in the lower left hand corner, a small, dark picture of the desired state.

6. Simultaneously, have picture of current state rapidly shrink and recede to a distant point while dark picture explodes into full view. (This can be accompanied by either an internal or external swiiissh sound, but is not necessary—speed is!)

7. Repeat #6 a minimum of five times. Enjoy the results!