1. Parts are part of the unconscious with a purpose/intention & a function/behavior

2. They are functionally detached from the rest of N.S. (non-integrated)

3. Often the represent minor personalities

4. Usually they have their own values and beliefs systems

5. Some think they are in charge of maintenance of the system

6. They are born from S.E.E.’s

7. Protect (& continue) non-integrated behavior

8. Parts are source of incongruency in the individual

9. They themselves are incongruent

10. The incongruency is usually in the difference between the purpose/intention and function/behavior

11. A part usually has its opposite number, an alternate ego, the flip side of the coin

12. These two parts will have the same highest purpose/intention

13. They were once a part of a larger whole

14. Reintegration is possible in this basis