Mind Read: “I know that you are wondering…”

Lost Performative: “And it’s a good thing to wonder…”

Cause & Effect: “Because…”

Complex Equivalence: “That means…”

Presupposition: “You are learning many things…”

Universal Quantifier: “And all the things, all the things…”

Modal Operator: “That you can learn…”

Nominalizations: “Provide you with new insights, and new understandings.”

Unspecified Verbs: “And you can,”

Tag Question: “Can you not?”

Lack of Referential Index: “One can, you know…”

Comparative Deletions: “And it’s more or less the right thing.”

Pace Current Experience: “You are sitting here, listening to me, looking at me, (etc.)…”

Double Binds: “And that means that your unconscious mind is also here, and can hear what I say. And since that’s the case, you are probably learning about this and already know more at an unconscious level than you think you do. So, it’s not right for me to tell you, learn this or learn that, learn in any way you want, in any order.”

Conversational Postulate: “Do you feel this… (punctuation ambiguity) is something you understand?”

Extended Quotes: “Last week I was with Richard who told me about his training in 1983 at Denver when he talked to someone who said…”

Selectional Restriction Violation: “A chair can have feel- ings…”

a. Phonological: “Hear”, “Here”
b. Syntactic: “They are visiting relatives”
c. Scope: “The weight of your hands & feet…”
d. Punctuation: “I want you to notice your hand me the glass.”

Utilization: Client says: “I am not sold.”
Response: “That’s right you are not sold, yet, because you haven’t asked the one question that will have you totally and completely sold.”