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The Ideastream Project Homepage You'll have to register to do much of anything here, but it's free (purely for demographic research). The Ideastream Project is hoping to teach visitors a thing or two about creativity and reaching their fullest potential. It's not really related to NLP. Then again, isn't everything related to NLP?

Non-Mainstream Psychotherapy and Counseling Resources on the Internet
An extremely extensive list of links to (you guessed it) non-mainstream psychotherapy and counseling resources. The list is organized into categories such as therapies, practitioners and selfhelp/empowerment. A brief abstract lies beneath each link. Very long, very useful, very nice.

The Art of Suggestion
The name says it all at this site. Here you will find a glossary of information explaining many of the major terms used in professional influencing. The definitions are clear and enhanced with many examples.

Articles by J.D. Patrick about NLP in other languages
An interesting article (with more on the way) about J.D. Patrick's linguistic theories and his experiences with the Euskara language of the Basque people.

TranceNet Journal
This journal is pretty much about (you guessed it) Trances. Lots of articles on what to visualize and when. There's even a little humor section.

PAIRS PAIRS stands for Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills. People who take the PAIRS training should expect improvement in their personal relationships. Virginia Satir was apparently quite involved in PAIRS throughout her later years.

EMDR The acronym stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. This is not a bad place to start if you're looking for training in this technique which involves rapid saccadic eye movements.

Tony Robbins
Be sold on how to sell, sell, sell with Tony Robbins (Author of Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power)! Find out where the seminars are taking place and how much they cost. Find out how to buy videos, books and more from Tony Robbins and discover his altruistic side as he brings his videos to prison inmates and Thanksgiving food baskets to the needy.

The Skeptic's Dictionary NLP Entry
Well, it's only mildly amusing and not very well-researched, but it is a reference to NLP (and it's nice and brief).

Bill O'Hanlon's Possibility Land
Bill O'Hanlon is the developer of Possibility therapy -- a form of rapid, provocative psychotherapy. While it's not exactly NLP, it's still very interesting and potentially useful stuff. The site contains info on Bill's schedule, a short list of books and a FAQ about Possibility Therapy.

Ron and Andrea Bieber's Home Page
Ron and Andrea Bieber have put together a list of NLP, hypnosis and related sites. In addition you can get to know the Biebers' a little more and brush up on your Klingon.

Jeff Bodnar's Favorite NLP/Hypnosis Links
Another good-sized list of NLP links. Some of these have descriptions.

Celestial Solutions
Barbara Roberts, Reiki master, ordained minister and ear candle salesperson, is in the process of making this page a useful site for the curious. The section on hypnosis isn't done yet, and the links page so far only contains a link to NLP Seminars Group and to a ballroom dancing page (go figure),but things move fast on the internet and this may soon become what it promises to be, a new age and non-mainstream therapy Mecca.

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