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Okay, I've had problems commenting on non-English sites before with my limited language skills (My high school French, current dabbling with Italian and all the Spanish I learned from Sesame Street add up to so much Esperanto), but I am going to accept defeat here. If anybody out there would like to submit their own comments on this site -- just some idea of what it's all about, please let me know. I am completely and utterly lost when it comes to Russian.

PNL en Espa&ntilda;ol La Pagina WEB de Salvador Soiza
A general information server in Spanish by Salvador Soiza. The site has several articles on PNL and DBM, including a brief explanation of PNL. Salvador has also collected a large list of links. Oh, and there's a really nifty animation at the top of the page (the title of the page is reflected into an excited pool). Viva la PNL!

Françoise Wybrecht Wow! Extremely impressive. Françoise has lots of stuff to say. The site is almost completely in French (he promises an English translation when he finds a translator -- hint, hint). There's an overwhelming number of articles and even a poem. In a nutshell, C'est bon!

ISI-CNV International Institute
This French/Italian Institute focuses it's attention on hypnosis and NLP-3 (in English). The perspectives represented are very interesting -- at the time of this writing, there are three articles about: non-verbal hypnotic inductions; NLP-3 (NLP with less focus on tools and more focus on the toolbox (I don't know what happened to NLP-2)); and the concept of hypnosis from a sociological perspective. Interesting stuff. The most interesting thing about this institute is that it spends most of it's webspace thinking aloud instead of acting like a glorified brochure in Internet. If you are interested in ISI-CNV's schedule and such, they list their phone number and Email so you can get that brochure. Kudos! Let's see more of these content-oriented institute sites!

Academie voor NLP
A Society of NLP affiliated Dutch Institute's Web site. It's got an explanation of NLP, a Calendar of events, information about their institute and a very petty background image.
This Austrian nlp-server is run by Walter Oetsch (Linzer Akademia fuer konstruktives Lernen). You'll find there (1) an interactive dictionary of NLP terms (more than 300 entries) linked with descriptions of NLP techniques and (2) theoretical articles about NLP (in German).

Active Choice NLP
Here's a sample of what you'll find here: Du finner en hypertekst indeks som tar deg direkte til mer utfyllende informasjon på slutten av denne korte seksjonen. That's Norwegian, I think. I wonder what it means.

Ole Green Wheelbarrow (The Russian NLP Site)
Russian mirrors of lots of sutff already on the web (in English). Several articles are translated, such as InFact Magazine, Inspiritive's Jules Collingwood's article on Managing Emotional Responses with NLP, as well as a translation of our own Introduction to NLP.

NLP Essential's home page is a three language website (English, German and French) situated in France. It contains articles, presuppositions and related training programmes by NLP-Trainer Wolfgang Bernard who proposes to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming for the existential quest.

If you parlez la français, are interested in acupuncture, NLP or Ericksonian Hypnosis, and wish to learn more, then this is the site for you.

Dolphin Tech
This Brazilian site is the home of the publication "Carpe Diem." Considering how many Brazilian institutes we list, I imagine this will be a highly welcomed site for our Portuguese speaking audience.

General Information Server. Diese W3-Siete Informiert ueber das NLP in den deutschsprachigen Lendern und eroeffnet den Zugang zu den NLP-Ressourcen im Internet.
This Web page contains information about NLP in German-speaking countries and provides access to NLP resources on the Internet.

Serveur d'information Programmation Neuro-Linguistique en Français
Well, at least I speak a little French. This is a general information server in French (as if you hadn't guessed that). There's a brief introduction to "PNL", a suggested reading list and several links. It's a young site and still under construction, but it should blossom into a valuable resource for those who parle Française.

O Golfinho
"O Golfinho" e o primeiro e unico informativo geral de PNL no Brasil, sem estar ligado a nenhum instituto de treinamento. Informaç sobre PNL, livros cursos, workshops, institutos e profissionais do Brasil, com links para outras paginas no exterior.
"O Golfinho" is a Brasilian web site with information on NLP in Portuguese.

NLP in Netherlands (NTI-NLP)
This dutch site is primarily designed to provide people with basic information about NLP and about the training institute NTI-NLP.

Thies Stahl Seminare
In English or German you can find out the current Thies Stahl's training information. Additionally (but only in German) you can find out about his books, seminar topics or link through to the German and Austrian NLP Web sites.

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