NLP Newsgroups, Mailing Lists and IRC

If you or any person or organization you know of would like to be listed on this page, please send the contact information to

IRC: #NLPRap on Undernet

This is a sheduled chat room on Sundays at 10pm GMT
Which is 5pm EST
and 2pm PST
and Midnight in South Africa
and is Monday at:
11am in NZ
and 6am in Perth
and 8am in Melbourne

Everybody's invited to gab about NLP. Join in the fun!

If you want to know more about IRC, try "What is IRC?"
If you need a list of Undernet servers, try The Official UnderNET Server List

The NLPTALK mailing list.
Lindy Asimus Moderates the list which is at:



alt.psychology.nlp THE NLP newsgroup. It's where it's at.

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