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Hypnosis for you. Hypnosis for me. Hypnosis for everybody! Hypnotica tries to bring self-hypnosis down to earth and transforms it into a clear, easy-to-understand form (articles, a FAQ and catalog). There's some high-tech stuff here too, for you Svengali-wanna-be's.

Hypnosis.com Web Server
Hypnosis.com has put together a very large and encompassing site covering just about everything you need regarding hypnosis. There are links, archived discussion transcripts and a downloadable hypnotic sound file. A wealth of information for the hypnosis junkie!!!!

New Techniques in Hypnosis by David Brager
David Brager is a hypnostist who's been experimenting in the field for several years. He's developed a few interesting techniques and some potentially useful ones. These range from fighting fantasy monsters with a broom, to riding lifts that are disguised as garbage cans (ala Get Smart?).

Happiness Through Hypnosis
Listen to the sound files of Inessa King, examine letters from her clients and stare at the spinning hypnotic spiral-thing.

Pushing Your Own Buttons Hypnosis Page
This book about self-hypnosis calls itself a shareware book, in other words, go ahead and read the thing and if you like it, send the author some money.

Trance-Action Consultants Inc.
Trance-Action Consultant's page contains plenty of training information, and biographies of their trainers, but there's also a long listing of online articles and a mailing list. They also sell some interesting tapes and books, such as Ancient Hawaiian Chanting (tired of Latin already?).

Natural Breast Enlargement Thru Self-Hypnosis
Once again, we've included a link purely because we found it amusing. Make sure to bring several large grains of salt with you.

Discuss getting deeper with other trance-fanatics.

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