General NLP Information Resources and Webzines

If you or any person or organization you know of would like to be listed on this page, please send the contact information to for NLP and Hypnosis This website covers a large range of topics. The most exclusive of which is Time Line Therapy}Z the most powerful tool anyone doing NLP or any type of "change-work" must have under their belt! Check out their free downloads section

Hypnosis.COM is a general Hypnosis and NLP server. They have lots of scripts and other user friendly material for NLP and Hypnosis

PPI Business NLP: One of the UK's leading business NLP sites. NLP, executive coaching, team building and communication skills. Free newsletter and taster sessions. Tel: 01908 506563 or int. +44 1908 506563 c/o Email address.

The Writings of Carmine Baffa Carmine Baffa is a Prolific (with a capital P) USENET celebrity. The articles cover an enormous range of topics and every single one is captivating (Although some of the tales seem a little tall). It's very easy to experience a little time distortion at this site (in other words, time flies when you're browsing Carmine).

InstaTek's NLP & hypnosis home page Jackie Patti has compiled this pleasurable page mostly from alt.psychlogy.nlp USENET postings. At the time of this writing, she's just got a few of her own up, but soon there should be ideas and opinions flowing in from various alt.psychology.nlp celebrities. She's also started a threaded discussion group (sort of a web newsgroup), and if you look around, you'll find her training calendar. Jackie has a very unique and c001 style, but if you take my advice, you'll discover that on your own.

Robert Link's NLP Text
Robert Link wrote an NLP Practitioner Manual for his trainings. Here it is. If you're looking for an idea of what is involved in a typical practitioner training or just want to get more stuff for your mental toolbox, then what are you waiting for? Go on, click!

Dale Kirby's Best of NLP Online
Dale Kirby (an NLP'er of refined taste) has quested for the masterpieces of onlne NLP articles. Sniff the bouquet, observe the fine color and experience how these potent works from the Masters (Master Practitioner's that is) enlighten your mind and enhance your knowledge. They will fill your NLPalatte and won't leave a bitter aftertaste. Good stuff here.

Lee Lady's NLP Archive
Professor Lee Lady of the University of Hawaii has been posting to the sci.psychology and alt.psychology.nlp Usenet groups for quite awhile now and here is where you can get a chance to read (or possibly re-read) them. He's written extensive articles on the definition of NLP, the history of NLP, various applications of NLP and whole bunch of other topics. This is a must-visit for any serious NLP'er.

Robert Dilts' Page
Check out the weird Galvanic Skin Response software available from Robert Dilts. Read about the various places and events that Robert Dilts is involved with. Learn who knows Robert Dilts and who Robert Dilts knows. And don't miss the Article of the Month by Robert Dilts and the Pattern of the month, also by Robert Dilts. You can also purchase various products (all of them are by Robert Dilts).

Merl's World
WOW! Patrick Merlevede's site has evolved into an even more exceptional page! Let's see, there's his classic FAQ, links, explanations, definitions, reviews of books, articles, and a large list of training institutes! And it looks purty, too.

Mind Matters
This e-zine is a wonderful online publication for anybody interested in increasing their awareness of NLP. The zine is published monthly and is totally and completely dedicated to NLP with contributors from all over the place. The articles are numerous and interesting.

NLP and DHE General Information Server -- Stever Robbins
Sadly, an extremely brief description of Stever Robbin's work would not do it justice. There is lots and lots and lots of information like articles, links, lists, calendars and more!

An Introduction to Stress Management, NLP and Hypnotherapy
Andrew Smith is a British Rocker/Environmentalist/Therapist who's put together an excellent page for, well, introducing stress management, NLP and hypnotherapy.

Phoenix Services
Presently heavily under construction, The online publishers of InFact Magazine have put together a site for NLP'ers and hypnotists. Included are links to the Zine, explanations of NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis and weblinks.

NLP Metaprograms 2 and the Joseph O'Connor NLP Article Series Index
The Weaver is an online magazine dedicated to several forms of therapy and spirituality. Lurking deep within it are several articles by Joseph O'Connor (co-author of Introducing NLP and Training With NLP) and Ian McDermott (The director of Training at International Training Seminars). Some article title examples are "What is NLP?", "The Meaning of Life" and "The Brain Users Manual."

Success Dynamics's NLP Articles
A Website for the advanced NLP'er. Improve your powers here.

Inspiritive An Australian Web site with articles, information on their trainings and a few experiential processes for those of you who are looking for more useful toys/tools for your head.

The NLP Information Center
Possibly the greatest site on the entire web, regardless of content. Sure there's plenty of nifty NLP info, and some neat pictures, and some great exercises and an introduction to NLP, and a little shockwave eyeball, but WOW look at those link abstracts! Such eloquence!

Dale Kirby's NLP FAQ and Resource List
Dale Kirby has put together this FAQ. It covers all the basics, as well as several links, institute addresses and a bibliography.

TIQ-bits of Change
Several trainers have participated in putting this collection of thoughts together. Essentially it's a threaded discussion about the concept of change.

NLP of Nevada
For 3.99/min you can discuss your problems with an NLP'er on this 900 number. Hmm...

NLP Presentation Tips
A list of dos and don't for when you're in the spotlight.

NLP World
NLP World is an NLP magazine published every four months. At their Home Page you can send submissions, request subscriptions and browse the tables of contents (to whet your appetite for a back issue).

Monday Morning Motivater
Every monday morning you too can have the equivalent of a brief NLP course arrive on your fax machine. It's a pretty cheap service and it's kind of nice to get something other than advertisements, complaints and the same old "where are you located" faxes coming in.

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