One must consider that metaphors are one of the best tools an NLPer has available for several reasons. First of all, you don't have to be particularly skilled to string together a pack of lies that possibly alter someone's future for good. Secondly, even if your story turns out to be meaningless drivel, you've used up the better part of the hour and the client is none-the-wiser. And last, and certainly most important, you can take credit for anything good that happens to your client.... forever.

For example:

"I won the lottery! Hallelujah!" Your reply would be, "Yes.... that's not an uncommon side-effect of hearing the metaphor, 'The Snake and the Penny-loafers.' Oh look, a copy of your past due statement happens to be lying on my desk..." The rest is obvious.

In conclusion, I'd like to invite you to make any changes you feel appropriate for your clients and use this metaphor with impunity. You don't even have to give credit to the author. Good luck!

Terry Lemmons leads a mundane existence in Boulder, but his fantasy life is unequaled. If your life has been transformed by the preceding metaphor and care to send remuneration, please write to:

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Box 2533
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If you just want to swap fantasies, please call my answering service at (303) 702-9463
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