Her emotions bubbled to the surface, "Wow! A starlet in a grandiose metaphor! Wait till Mom and Dad hear! Golly, my dreams fulfilled by a momentary lapse of reason by a dominating father-figure. Hey wait a minute, something's happening in here," she said, gesturing to her head.

From the outside it appeared that a heavy construction crew were busy installing a two-lane highway between Madeline's ears. Soon they all got into their orange trucks and drove off and the throbbing subsided.

"You just want to use my body and keep me in shackles like the men before you, you sexist lowlife!" She boomed.

"I'll draw up a contract! I swear!" Bob said, rapidly losing the gusto in his retortiveness.

"Oh sure you will, you lying sack of pig entrails! Do you realize what your behavior is? Do you? It's inappropriate, that's what it is! And I don't have to stand for it!" She shouted punctuating this with a crack of the whip that just materialized in her hand.

"No, please! I'll do anything! Please!" he whimpered, all signs of retortiveness leaving his body auditorilly and physiologically.

"Hah! Thought that annoying retorting problem was genetic, didn't you? Take a look at yourself NOWwww..!!" her words accompanied by an evil cackle only covert NLPers are capable of.

"My God, I'm cured! Thank you!" falling to his knees and kissing her feet, "How can I ever repay you?"

"Get used to your new position in life, Bob," she said, accentuating the cackle with a raw crack of the whip.

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