1. Get in rapport.

2. Tell the client what you are about to do:

3. Identify the undesirable present state, and decide on the positive/resource end state

4. Design the chain: Decide on what intermediate states are needed to lead to the end state. (EG: “You’re procrastinating, what gets you off that state?”)

5. Get into each state as you elicit and anchor each state separately, beginning with the present state through the end state. (You may have to stack all states to get a high intensity.) Make sure that the subject is out of previous state prior to anchoring the next one. (Break State between states, especially between the last one and the first one.)

6. Test each state. Make sure that the client goes into each one.

7. Chain each state together firing #1 and when #1 is at its peak add #2, and then release #1. When #2 comes to the peak, add #3, then release #2. Add #4, etc. in the same way. (This is NOT a collapse because the two states do not peak at the same time.)

8. Test: Fire present state anchor. Client should end up in final state.

9. Ask the client, “Now how do you feel about __________.” EG: How do you feel about procrastination.

10. Future Pace: “Can you think of a time in the future which if it had happened in the past you would have _______________ (EG: Procrastinated) and tell me what happens instead?”