Banners on The NLP Information Center

Who is the NLP Information Center?

At the NLP Information Center (NIC), our goal is to interest and introduce people to NLP. In addition, those already familiar with NLP will find many valuable resources.

NIC is the most visited NLP website on the Internet and very often the first site visited by people just learning about NLP. It offers slide show introductions and exercises, humorous articles, training institute listings, event listings, an ever-expanding list of practitioners, a comprehensive list of all NLP websites, and a bookstore to provide NLP products to people around the world.

Who and how many people will see these banners?

The NLP Information Center is bringing you a new and wonderful opportunity!

NIC has had 4500 visitors in the month of May and that number has been increasing at roughly 10% per month. Through the feedback received and the large percentage of introductory materials sold, we estimate the majority to be professionals and students, new to NLP.

We are in the unique position of having a large audience of new people interested in products and trainings in NLP. We often receive email asking where to get training or if we do trainings. Being a non-biased information server, we can't give them a specific answer. But now, in an effort to continue supporting the site, we now offer banner advertising. A banner ad is a graphic image with an eye-catching message that when clicked on leads to your website.

The banners appear on the main page of each section of the site. When someone brings up a page, the banner will be determined at random and displayed. As a visit or browses the site they will have many opportunities to encounter your banner. The more intriguing and eye catching your banner, the more visitors you'll get. More than one slot can be purchased using the same banner or different ones, increasing traffic even more.

Only 12 slots are available each month on a first come first serve basis.

The bottom line

Prepayment is required for your first month and will be billed thereafter. One month is only a $95 investment and includes the cost of banner design using whatever materials and slogans you wish (animated banners are a one time charge of $50 because they require a great deal of work to produce). This investment will more than redeem itself with the first student that chooses to attend one of your trainings.

A 3 month plan is available entitling you to a ten percent discount, guaranteeing you slot and must be prepaid - credit cards are accepted. All spaces are on a first come first serve basis, so get in while you can still take advantage of this wonderful resource!

For further information or questions contact Adriana by:

phone: (808) 596-7765 / (800) 800-6463 extension 218
or email
or fax : (808) 596-7764 - Attn: Landon