Desired Outcome:
To be able to anchor a state in a person, at any time in any modality.

Definition: Any time a person is in an associated, intense state, if at the peak of that experience, a specific stimulus is applied, then the two will be linked neurologically. Anchoring can assist you in gaining access to past states and linking the past state to the present and the future.

The Four Steps to Anchoring:
1. Have the person Recall a past vivid
2. Anchor (Provide) a specific stimulus at
the peak
3. Change the person’s state
4. Evoke the State — Set off the anchor to test.

The Five Keys to Anchoring:
1. The Intensity of the Experience
2. The Timing of the Anchor
3. The Uniqueness of the Anchor
4. The Replication of the Stimulus
5. Number of Times

Anchors: stop light – green light, alarm clock, tastes, smells, touch, words, swish patterns, music, advertisements